Pricing/Class Descriptions

PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE @ 402-413-9733 Before coming to your first class.


1 Drop-in Class
4 Class – Punch Card
$30   SPECIAL:  After the purchase of 8 Punch Cards, the 9th one is FREE!
10 Class Flex Card
$70  Valid for three months after first class.
Monthly Membership $65  (Allows for attendance of all classes up to your level)
Private Lessons   $30/hour, not included in the monthly membership fees. Please email or call ahead to discuss the details with your instructor

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the nature of our business, class fees are non-refundable.

Tribal Basics

Tribal Basics covers the fundamentals of ITS dance, focusing on 5 slow moves, 5 fast moves, and their most basic variations. Zills are the first prop introduced to students. Proficiency in this level is required to progress to Advanced Tribal

  Advanced Tribal

Further exploration of ITS dance variations with focus on complex lead exchanges and extended combinations. At the advanced level, students should be able to dance continuously with zills. Advanced theory will be covered at this stage with nontraditional combinations and flows being the focus of study.

Intro to Middle Eastern Rhythm

This is geared to those wishing to explore the rhythms often used in Tribal Belly Dance.  This class is taught from a Western musical perspective and therefore uses the most commonly known names and explanations as much as possible.  Please excuse spelling, pronunciation and perhaps even teaching method as the instructor is not a native of the Middle East but does have a strong base in Western musical theory and research.