Tribal Riot 2019 Instructors


Researching the Delsarte System of Expression since 1995 and teaching workshops since 1998, Joe Williams is possibly the only current long-term teacher of the original physical system taught by Francois Delsarte.

What had begun as a curiosity regarding a ridiculed, yet fascinating era of theatre history is now a lifetime commitment to practicing and restoring respect for Delsarte’s system. Joe was fortunate to become a friend and student of Eileen Sears (1901-2004), the last living student of the original Denishawn School in California. Even in the last four years of her life, she could still pass on the “evolution of energy” exercises and movement qualities she learned from famed Delsartean, Ruth St. Denis.

Joe’s Three Pillars Arts® approach to the Delsarte System of Movement brings practical Delsarte to modern-day artists. Joe demonstrates a contemporary validity of Delsarte’s work, while shedding new light on the history of communication, movement and arts education, and practice. He is a consistent guest teacher for conferences and for university/conservatory dance, singing, instrumental music and acting programs. He teaches stage performers from modern dance to ballet, to burlesque, as well as Delsarte for yoga students, across the US and internationally.

Lisa Rich-McKelvey (aka: Shiara) of FunDamental Studios in Ames, Iowa 
( was first introduced to Joe Williams and his Three Pillars Arts® approach to the Delsarte method of expression in 2005.That meeting sparked an interest that has lead her to where she is today — a certified Three Pillars Arts® Delsarte teacher; passionate and excited to share her love of these universal truths with you!

She is happy to be teaching the Expressive Zones of the Body class at Tribal Riot this year and invites students to explore, express and connect in ways that will enhance both their personal interactions as well as their artistic pursuits.